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wrightwood country club diving board next to the swimming lake

Wrightwood Country Club

Life is Good

This Is Our Story

Wrightwood Country Club (WWCC) is a private family-oriented
organization that strives to offer recreation at a historical landmark
within a natural environment. WWCC was established in 1985 and
has 26 shareholders that are personally involved in its success for the
community. We strive for the utmost safety for all our users. It sits
along the San Andreas fault line and is called a SAG pond, as is
Jackson Lake and Lost Lake. It used to be called Twin Lakes because
it had an additional lake where the baseball field is. The lake is partly
filled with natural springs the bubble up by the dock. The lake toads
hibernate in the winter and emerge every spring to fill the lake with
tadpoles. Our year is from June 1st through May 31st.

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